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Contact Lens is a non-surgical, alternative way of correcting your vision.

There are two classifications of contact lens:

  1. Soft Disposable Lens - are the most popular and most commonly used to correct vision
    replacement schedule
    1. Monthly
    2. Biweekly
    3. Dallies
  2. Custom-Fit Hard Contact Lens - are prescribed based on a few different criteria
    1. Rigid Gas Permeable - are custom made based on the patient's corneal curvature and prescription.
    2. Duettes - are made with a Rigid Gas permeable center with a surrounding soft skirt to allow clarity and comfort of vision.
    3. Scleral Lens - are fit for patients with Keratocconus or other corneal irregularities.
    4. Ortho-Keratology - are hard contact lenses that are made to sleep in. During the night, Ortho-K lens reshapes the cornea to correct for your prescription. Once you remove the lens in the morning you are able to see clearly! This lens also provides an added benefit, Myopia Control! Please follow the link to learn more.

Am I a candidate for contact lenses?

During your Contact Lens Evaluation, the doctor will assess your needs and recommend the best contact lens fit based on your prescriptions, corneal health, and lifestyle needs.

To find out if contacts are right for you, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor.

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