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dry eye evaluation

    do you experience:
  1. Persistent dryness
  2. Scratchiness
  3. Burning sensation
  4. Blurry Vision that clears up after you blink or close your eyes.

why do i have dry eyes

Dry Eyes occur because the tear glands that moisturize the eye don’t produce enough tears, or the tears evaporate too quickly.

Our Eyes have three Layers on the Tear Film:

  1. Lipid: This layer prevents the aqueous layer from evaporating
  2. Aqueous: This layer is the moisture layer that lubricates the eyes.
  3. Mucin: This layer ensures the first two layers stick to the eye.

the causes:

  1. Natural aging process, especially among women over age 40.
  2. Side effects of Medications.
  3. Environment: dry, dusty or windy climate with low humidity.
  4. Air conditioning or a Dry heating system.
  5. Insufficient blinking, due to staring at digital screens for extended periods.
  6. Medical Conditions: Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Rosacea or Sjogren’s Syndrome.

What Can I Do to Alleviate My Symptoms?

    Mild to Moderate Cases
  1. Artificial Tears
  2. Omega 3 Supplements
  3. Warm Compresses
    Moderate-Severe Cases
  1. Punctal Plugs
  2. Restasis or Xiidra
  3. Regnerize

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